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I started this hobby back 1967.  I flew just the summer.  In those days the only way to get a plane was to build a kit.  I was completely self taught except for some advice from the hobby shop owner.  I had maybe five or six flights before the crash. I tried a glider with a small .049 motor on it. Had maybe three flights. Though I enjoyed flying, girls at 18 where far more fun, so I abandon the hobby.  Forty years later I'm very involved in it and women are what they are.  The real trick is belonging to a good club.  The Chester County Radio Control Club is such a organization.
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The history of World War One aviation is a rich and varied story. The Great War consumed the world in a conflict that was unrivaled until that time. It was a kind of war far different than was waged on the ground. The fight for control of the air was where the cunning, and bravery of the individual could matter for much. This website is my tribute to those fragile aircraft and to the brave pilots on both sides that flew them.